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Scheduled Professional Development (K-12)

Scheduled Professional Development required under Section 6 of the Rules Governing Professional Development shall include content that is provided by:

  • ADE, including ArkansasIDEAS
  • An institution of higher education
  • A provider approved by ADE
  • An education service cooperative

A school district or an open-enrollment public charter school shall make available to the appropriate educator required professional development as noted on the following schedule as part of the minimum annual requirement:

Scheduled Professional Development Rotation

  • Child Maltreatment Mandated Reporter - two hours in 2017-2018 and every fourth year thereafter
  • Parent Involvement - two hours in 2018-2019 and every fourth year thereafter
  • Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention - two hours in 2019-2020 and every fourth year thereafter
  • Arkansas History - two hours in 2020-2021 and every fourth year thereafter  for those who provide* instruction in Arkansas History
  • Human Trafficking – beginning in 2018-19, and each year thereafter, a school district shall make available to licensed personnel thirty (30) minutes of professional development on recognizing and reporting human trafficking
  • Athletic Coaches – at least once every three (3) years, training in recognition and management regarding events or conditions* that may be encountered by a student during athletic training and physical activities
  • Administrators – annual professional development in data disaggregation, instructional leadership and fiscal management*

*Please refer to the ADE Rules Governing Professional Development (Sections 6 and 7) for specific topics and licensure area requirements.

For more information, please contact:

Suzanne K. Jones, Special Advisor for Learning Services
Arkansas Department of Education
Divison of Elementary and Secondary Education
Learning Services
Four Capitol Mall Room 205B
Little Rock, AR  72201
Office 501-683-5266
Fax 501-683-4802

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